Art: Pizza is art. Yes, to some pizza is just pizza, but we at Ermanno’s, well, we’re crazy about pizza. All pizza is NOT created equal. You’ll find this quote hanging in our stores, and we feel this embodies the very essence of what pizza is about.

Pizza making is part of a transmission; it’s almost spiritual. Dough is a living thing; it has a life cycle that goes from birth to consumption, with stages in between like childhood and adulthood. A good pizza maker has to honor this. This process possesses a kind of potential centeredness; it’s almost Zen-like.

Education: We are constantly studying and learning about fermentation, ingredients, health and gourmet trends. We have attended the American Institute of Baking in Kansas and worked with Tom Lehman, “The Dough Doctor”, we attend numerous conventions and lectures throughout the year, we read trade magazines, we take online courses, and we experiment with different creations. This is a nonstop process, and we will always bring you the best. Why? Well, doesn’t everyone deserve legendary pizza?

Compete: We love the thrill of competition and being in the presence of other great independent pizzeria owners. You won’t find the chains or “big guys” at these competitions. Cheaply made pizza can’t compete against high-quality art. Here are some of our awards: Stark County Pizza Challenge, People’s Choice Award; Best Thick Crust; People’s Choice Award; (NAPICS) North American Pizza Championships, Our Wing Lover’s Pizza placed in top 20 gourmet pizzas in North America; (NAPICS) Chicken Alfredo Pizza, 8th best gourmet pizza in North America; (NAPICS) The Day Dreamer, 4th best traditional pizza in North America; American Pizza Championships, Our Chicken Alfredo Pizza placed 4th best pizza in America; 2011 Fox 8 hotlist, We placed 7th out of 96 competitors.

Give Back: We are community-focused. We give back as much as possible. We believe in working with other businesses in the community to help one another out. We believe in putting others’ interests first and continually adding value to their lives. This ultimately leads to unexpected returns and is the true measure of success. We know we wouldn’t be here without you. We truly believe that we will bless others by giving back to our community and to others. At the end of the day, this is what it’s truly about.